Zoll AED Plus

The AED Plus features an LCD screen display which is configured with Real CPR Help and See-Thru CPR technology that allows the rescuer to see depth and rate of compression as well as monitor underlying ECG rhythm while performing CPR. The included CPR-D-padz contain a pair of electrodes that sense and report the motion of victim chest compressions to the AED Plus and helps the rescuer understand what needs to be done as the AED Plus reports voice rescue prompts and text.

The Zoll AED Plus Series defibrillators are the only defibrillators on the market that give feedback on both depth and rate of compressions as recommended by the AHA, and the only defibrillators sold with electrodes and batteries that have a 5-year shelf life. The Zoll AED Plus provides feedback to “PUSH HARDER” and “CONTINUE CPR” if the required depth of 2″ – 2.4″ and the rate of 100 compressions per minute are not met. It also administers self checks weekly, and will indicate readiness with a green checkmark near the unit’s handle so you can be certain of its ability to rescue.

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  • WiFi enabled
  • Real CPR Help assists rescuers in delivering high-quality CPR by providing real-time feedback on chest compression rate and depth
  • Better visibility with dual orientation to lay flat or stand upright like an ALS device.
  • Better shock with only an 8-second pre-shock pause
  • The Real CPR Help integrated, real-time CPR feedback tells and shows rescuers when they need to “Push Harder” or when they are doing “Good Compressions,” so they know when they are administering high-quality CPR
  • Long-lasting 5-year battery and electrodes reduce AED device maintenance requirements. This increases readiness by reducing the frequency of maintenance
  • Universal design of the CPR Uni-padz electrodes gives rescuers a single solution for both adult and pediatric victims of SCA. To treat a child, simply use the same set of pads and activate child mode
  • Fully interactive touch-screen display and onboard USB port enables fast and easy configuration, upgrades, and downloads of event data
  • Cloud connectivity can enable automatic reporting of device status, giving you confidence your AED is ready in an emergency. WiFi also provides the ability to quickly access and transmit cardiac arrest event data to medical professionals


  • Size: 5″H x 9.3″W x 9.7″D (12.7 cm x 23.6 cm x 24.7 cm)
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)
  • Power: Battery