MCM 501 Instrument/Back Table w/ Shelf – 16″ x 20″

Mid Central Medical has been manufacturing stainless steel instrument tables also known as back tables for over 20 years.  They incorporated some unique features in their design that may not be seen at first glance but that make a difference in the every day use of the product.

These tables have an 11/2″ revealed edge. This greatly enhances the rigidity of the top and shelf. The more material you turn down, the stronger the edge will be. What does that mean for you? The edge of your table is stronger so it will stand up to use in the OR better.
3″ neoprene casters come as a standard feature. This is done because MCM believes every table should have good casters. They build this into the price and don’t charge extra for it. What does that mean for you? The standard neoprene casters grip smooth floors even when they are wet so they roll quietly instead of sliding and skidding as hard black plastic casters do.
Mid Central Medical Tables are 16 gauge construction. That means the top and shelf are constructed of 16 gauge (0.0625″) material instead of 18 gauge (0.05″). That is 25% thicker material! What does that mean for you? Less deflection of the top when you place heavy items on it.
Welded in reinforcing supports under the top and shelf of any table longer than 4′ with sound dampening cushion to prevent vibration of the top during transport.
Many customers ask, why square instead of round? The square leg has more surface for welding the shelf and top to the leg. 1″ Square tubing also has 25% more actual stainless steel material in it than 1″ round tube.

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  • Dimensions: 16″W x 20″L x 34″H
  • Heavy Duty 16 gauge #304 stainless steel construction
  • 3″ non-marking neoprene casters come standard
  • Reinforcing channels welded into larger models for increased strength
  • No open cavities to collect unwanted substances