Mindray A4 Anesthesia Machine

The A4 Advantage is a flexible anesthesia delivery solution with an adaptive design for effective patient care across a wide range of healthcare facilities.

Workflow is enhanced with the intuitive, touch screen user interface, built-in safety features, ample storage and workspace, and accessory mounting options in an award-winning, ergonomic design. Direct HL7 data output provides industry-standard connectivity for AIMS and EMR systems, reducing the expenses associated with data integration.

The configurable A4 compliments anesthesia practices in mid-acuity hospitals and ASC’s in a comprehensive and cost-effective system.

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• 15″ color touchscreen with digital flow meters and customizable settings
• Manual/Spontaneous breathing mode with respiratory monitoring
• Volume Control Ventilation (VCV)
• Pressure Support Ventilation with CPAP/PS
• Warmed breathing system virtually eliminates internal condensation
• Automatic compliance with fresh gas compensation
• Economical single container absorber
• Auxiliary O2 /Air flow meters deliver blended gas to reduce the risk of airway fire
• Able to deliver O2 /N2O/Air and agent in manual backup mode
• LED lighting with adjustable brightness
• HL7 connectivity for AIMS and EMR integration
• Easy to move with robust wheels and individual wheel brakes

** Must include one accessories kit with each A4
** Comes with Gas Module Capability – Available and sold separately.
** Additional ventilation modes and low flow optimizer are available – sold separately.
** Manufacturer will schedule the final set-up.